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Kickstarted: MOS Reach Makes It Easier To Charge All Your Apple Devices

Kickstarted: MOS Reach Makes It Easier To Charge All Your Apple Devices

June 27, 2014
MOS Reach is a new Kickstarter project that’s designed to make charging MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, and more a much easier, more hassle-free task. Offering users an extension of the traditional wall outlet, MOS Reach is a rectangular device that includes a standard socket plus two 3.1 amp USB ports (providing enough power to charge both your iPhone and iPad at the same time). The idea is that users can attach their MOS Reach to the wall behind a desk or by a bed in order to make power access easier to come by. The product comes with adhesive pads which can secure the device to a wall, and the folks at MOS promise that the adhesive is strong enough to support heavy, three-prong charging bricks (like Apple’s MacBook Pro charger). For table-top charging, either on desks, nightstands, or anywhere else, microsuction pads allow users to secure their MOS Reach in place. The beauty of using microsuction pads in this way, though, is that users can easily detach and re-position their MOS Reach whenever they wish. At the side of MOS Reach are two built-in magnets, and these allow users to secure their Lightning-USB cables in order to avoid having leads dangling from the device when they’re not in use. Here’s a complete list of features, as outlined at the product’s Kickstarter Web page:
  • Reach gives you easy access to power outlets that are otherwise obstructed by furniture—no more crawling under desks or shimmying behind dressers to charge your devices.
  • Reach has been designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and its compact size ensures that it’s never in the way whether you use it on your desk, your nightstand, or your wall.
  • Reach consolidates your power outlets and USB wall adapters into an attractive moveable all-in-one power solution.
  • Reach helps you cut down on cable clutter by making clever use of Neodymium magnets in conjunction with MOS cable ties to keep out-of-use cables out of the way until you need them.
  • Reach works well even in tight quarters thanks to its slim 90 degree angle power plug.
  • Reach is composed of premium materials so it looks and feels great.
With the early bird offer already gone, MOS Reach can be preordered from Kickstarter for $30. Customers can choose their color (either white or black) after the project has been funded – as of this writing, almost $39,000 of the project’s $50,000 goal has been pledged, and as such we’re hopeful that MOS Reach will smash its target over the course of the next 29 days. For more information, including the option of backing the project, call by MOS Reach’s Kickstarter Web page. We’ve included the product’s project video below, along with a handful of images. If you can’t see the above video, please click this link. Via: MacRumors See also: To Combat Apple, Samsung Launches Its Own ‘Test Drive’ Program In 5 US Cities, Gameloft Releases Guildhalls Of Glory Update To Dungeon Hunter 4, and Barry Channels Abe Lincoln To Take On Zombie Washington In Halfbrick’s Age Of Zombies. [gallery]

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