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Apple 'iWatch' sales could top 60 million units during the first year

Apple 'iWatch' sales could top 60 million units during the first year

July 14, 2014
In a note to investors, Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty says that Apple could sell between 30 million and 60 million “iWatch” units during the first year. This projection is based on the results of a new AlphaWise consumer survey, which shows that Apple brand loyalty remains very strong. huberty-extended As first published by Fortune:
It’s that loyalty and the so-called “halo effect,” Huberty writes, not the current watch market, that will drive sales of the unannounced product that she (like everybody else) is calling the iWatch.
Huberty writes that her “base case” is that Apple will sell 30 million iWatch units, at $300 apiece, in the first 12 months. In her “bull case,” Apple will sell 60 million units, as iWatch sales will follow the iPad’s trajectory during its first year. Under Huberty’s “bear case,” iPhone sales go flat as consumers grow tired of wearable devices. screen-shot-2014-07-14-at-5-59-07-amHuberty isn't the first analyst to suggest that strong brand loyalty could propel initial iWatch sales. In June, Keith Bachman of BMO Capital Markets said that 10 percent of iPhone owners could elect to buy an iWatch during the first year. If true, this would result in iWatch sales of 33.5 million units. For more on the iWatch, see: Apple's long-rumored 'iWatch' to go into mass production in November, analyst saysUpdate: Apple’s ‘iWatch’ to be ‘Swiss Made,’ and Apple further fuels 'iWatch' speculation as it hires 2 ex-Nike FuelBand engineers. Photo: iWatch concept render by Martin Hajek

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