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AnandTech founder Anand Lal Shimpi leaves tech journalism for new job at Apple

AnandTech founder Anand Lal Shimpi leaves tech journalism for new job at Apple

September 1, 2014

Anand Lal Shimpi, the founder of the popular online computer hardware magazine AnandTech, has officially left the tech publishing world. And as reported by Re/code, his retirement from tech journalism is on account of his having been hired by Apple.

Yesterday, Shimpi published a post announcing his departure from the site he founded over 17 years ago, when he was only 14:

I’m 32 now. The only things that’ve been more of a constant in my life than AnandTech are my parents. I’ve spent over half of my life learning about, testing, analyzing and covering technology. And I have to say, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

But after 17.5 years of digging, testing, analyzing and writing about the most interesting stuff in tech, it’s time for a change. This will be the last thing I write on AnandTech as I am officially retiring from the tech publishing world.

As for where he’s headed next, he wrote only that he “won’t stay idle forever” and that there are “a bunch of challenges out there :)” — smiley included.

With that cheerful symbol, Shimpi may have been hinting at something exciting waiting for him on, to borrow his post’s title, “The Road Ahead.” And that something turns out to be no less than a new job at Apple.

As confirmed by an Apple representative, Shimpi is going to be working at the tech company, whose products have been covered extensively by his namesake site. His position and the nature of his new job at Apple, though, are currently undisclosed.

As for Shimpi’s previous role, AnandTech is set to continue providing tech journalism with Ryan Smith, who has been with the site for nearly a decade, as its new editor-in-chief.

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