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As Apple gets closer to making the 'iPhone 6' announcement, warnings about sapphire

As Apple gets closer to making the 'iPhone 6' announcement, warnings about sapphire

August 29, 2014

Apple is almost certainly going to replace Gorilla Glass with sapphire on at least a few of the company’s “iPhone 6” models. Is this a good choice? The folks over at uBreakiFix believe they have found the answer, although it might not be the answer iPhone buyers may want to hear.

In a series of tests, the repair company examined the impact resistance, scratch resistance, and strength of sapphire glass, compared to Gorilla Glass. The results were mixed.

Sapphire bested Gorilla Glass in two of the three tests. It found that sapphire is significantly more scratch resistant and 25 percent stronger than Gorilla Glass. Unfortunately, the material is much more susceptible to impacts due to its brittleness.

Their conclusion: Overall, sapphire does not offer any advantage over Gorilla Glass. It could, however, if the sapphire display on the smartphone is guarded by a raised bezel or other protective measures.

Take a look at these two videos:

If you can’t see these videos, you can access them here and here.

Apple has partnered with GT Advanced Technology to product sapphire for use on future mobile devices. In addition to the “iPhone 6,” the material is likely to be used on the “iWatch” and next-generation iPads.

The next iPhone is likely to be announced on Sept. 9.

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