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Minuum, the custom keyboard for Android is coming to iOS 8

Minuum, the custom keyboard for Android is coming to iOS 8

August 28, 2014

Minuum is coming to iOS 8. The custom keyboard has long been a popular choice for Android users.

Unlike other third-party keyboards, Minuum takes into account that hands come in different sizes. As a result, it allows you to change the height of the keyboard to save space or expand it to return to its regular QWERTY layout.

In making its iOS announcement, Minuum notes:

We’ve embraced the design philosophies of iOS to refine Minuum into an elegant typing experience centred around our incredibly powerful autocorrect.

Minuum gives you the best of both worlds with:

  • mini mode with ultra-powered autocorrect for fast, big-fingered, sloppy typing;
  • full keyboard mode for teaching the dictionary new words (autocorrect optional)

Combine that with the additional screen real estate you gain in mini mode, and you’ve got a typing experience like no other.

In June, Apple announced that iOS 8 would allow third-party keyboards for the first time.

Want to be among the first to try Minuum for iOS? Sign up today on the Minuum website.

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