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QuickTime in OS X Yosemite reveals that Apple cares about status bars

It looks like rethinking the Mac’s user interface isn’t the only attention to detail Apple is paying with OS X Yosemite. After toying around with the new version of QuickTime in the latest build of the public beta software, I noticed something quite interesting while using the new feature that allows recording what’s on an iOS 8 device’s screen.

While recording video of the Rdio app just for the sake of testing out the feature, I noticed that my iPhone’s status bar was acting strange. All of the signal dots were full, I was apparently on Wi-Fi even though I had it turned off, it was somehow 9:41 a.m. in the afternoon, and my battery had magically charged itself. I thought nothing of it until I decided to tweet the finding, mentioning Federico Vittici of MacStories since I know how important status bars are to him. Needless to say, many who saw the clean status bar were glad, including Federico himself.

You may have noticed that many iOS screenshots posted on the web – and I’d be lying if I said there weren’t a lot of them here at AppAdvice – are plagued by messy status bars. Low or no signal strength, incomplete Wi-Fi bars, strange times like 3:57 a.m., and batteries on the brink of dying show that actual humans have taken screenshots with their iPhones and have shared them without cleaning up. How shameful, right?

This just goes to show that Apple is paying great attention to ensure that things are looking top-notch when developers are able to feature video previews of their apps on the App Store come iOS 8.

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