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30 partners are already using the Misfit Shine maker's new developer tools

30 partners are already using the Misfit Shine maker's new developer tools

September 5, 2014

Misfit isn’t letting the impending arrival of Apple’s “iWatch” get it down. The Shine fitness tracker maker has announced the availability of an expanded developer toolkit for third-party apps and devices.

At the same time, the company has announced that 30 partners have already signed on to integrate the new assets in software, hardware, and beyond, according to AppleInsider.

Back in June, Misfit introduced an app that worked with the Pebble Watch. The app is unique because it allows users to track their daily progress without any additional hardware.

In addition to Pebble, Misfit now integrates with Azumio, Betterise, Digifit, Everymove, FitnessSyncer, Fitt, Glow, Humana, HumanAPI, Hyjiya, IFTTT, Jiff, Lose it!, MapMyFitness,, MedHelp, MyFitnessPal, N-Gine Innovation, Pryv, RedBrick, RunKeeper, SK Telecom, Coca-Cola Company,, Tictrac,, Validic, Virgin Pulse, Visionarity, Walgreens, and WeFitter.


The developer toolkit features the Misfit Cloud API, the Misfit Device SDK, and the Misfit Scientific Library.

AppleInsider notes:

Misfit’s Cloud API lets developers build in app-based user access to data stored offsite, creating a centralized storage hub for information gathered by supported devices and apps. Next, the Misfit Device SDK grants direct connection and sync capability with Misfit hardware, which has expanded from the company’s original Shine motion and fitness tracker to Beddit, a device that measures sleep cycles by monitoring physiological cues. Finally, with the Misfit Scientific Library, third-party firms can access to proprietary sensor algorithms and analytics.

Next Tuesday, Sept. 9, Apple is expected to announce the company’s first wearable device. The iWatch is expected to integrate with Apple’s already announced Healthkit platform.

Released in 2013, the Misfit Shine is a $100 fitness tracker that can monitor activity and sleep. It’s about the size of two quarters and can be worn in a variety of ways, including as a wristband, pendant, or clothing attachment.

For more information on Shine, check out our original review of the device here on AppAdvice.

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