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Apple begins launching new iCloud security alerts

Apple begins launching new iCloud security alerts

September 8, 2014

Apple iCloud users should expect to receive more security alerts. On Monday, Sept. 8, users will begin receiving an email whenever their iCloud account is accessed via the Web. The change comes just a day before Cupertino is expected to unveil an iCloud-based online payments system.

As first noted by Letem světem Applem, the alerts are sent out whenever iCloud is accessed by a new computer and/or Web browser. You’ll also receive a one-time alert the next time you access iCloud through a previously used browser.

More alerts are being launched in the coming weeks. These include when an iCloud password is changed, a device is restored from the account, or when one logs in from a new device. Previously, password change and login alerts were only sent when the event took place on a new Apple device.

Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook promised that new iCloud security measures would soon be implemented. The news came after the recent nude celebrity photo hacking incident that has been largely blamed on alleged flaws in the security of iCloud.

Apple’s “iPhone 6″ event is scheduled to begin tomorrow, Sept. 9 at 10 a.m. PDT.

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