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Left-handed? Don't worry: Apple Watch can be set up to be user-friendly to lefties

Left-handed? Don't worry: Apple Watch can be set up to be user-friendly to lefties

September 10, 2014

At its special media event yesterday, Apple unveiled the all-new Apple Watch alongside the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. As you may have noticed, it showcased and demoed the new wearable device engaged in various functions but worn in only one orientation: that which is well-suited to right-handed users. But what about the lefties?

If you’re right-handed like me or ambidextrous like Apple cofounder Steve Jobs, the Apple Watch appears to be quite easy to use. But if not, fret not: you can still wear the Apple Watch on your right arm and use it with considerable convenience thanks to a sort of left-handed mode that can be set up for the device.

There’s a little caveat involving the device’s “digital crown” knob, though. As reported by SlashGear:

So, it turns out the Apple Watch really works TWO ways. Apple tells us on initial setup, you can choose to have the watch face orient itself for use on the right wrist, making it friendly to lefties. The watch bands are also swappable, so your band isn’t facing the wrong way. Good news for everyone involved, but like most things in life, Lefties will still have to deal with a right-handed design — the crown will be on the bottom of the left side of the watch when on the right wrist.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

So, if the main thing that has been holding you back from getting the Apple Watch is its apparent bias toward right-handed users, perhaps knowing that the device can be used in some kind of left-handed orientation can convince you in favor of the device.

Although introduced at yesterday’s event, the Apple Watch is not expected to become available until early next year.

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