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Some new details leak about the Apple Watch

Some new details leak about the Apple Watch

September 30, 2014

As exciting as the Apple Watch reveal was, there is still plenty about the new wearable device that remains unknown. Luckily, thanks to A Blog To Watch, we now know much more than before.

No Apple Watch App Store

At its Sept. 9 presentation, Apple showed a number of apps running on the Watch, including some from third-party developers. However, until now we didn’t know how apps would get onto the device.

The Apple Watch won’t have its own App Store. Instead, there will be an Apple Watch app that needs to be installed on the iPhone. This app “will be used to download apps onto the watch as well as likely manage Apple Watch settings.”

Improving battery life

A Blog To Watch also found that some of the “computational demands” of the Apple Watch will actually be handled by the connected iPhone. This will help preserve the Watch’s battery life.

They note:

Thus, the Apple Watch is snappier, with longer battery life because a lot of tasks can be off-loaded to the host phone. Having said that, aside from installing apps, most things can be done from the watch itself (such as adjust settings, customize the interface, select watch dials, switch apps, etc…).

I find both of these points reasonable. In particular, I’m thrilled to know that Apple is taking steps to improve the device’s battery life. The devil, however, will still be in the details, as they often are.

The Apple Watch is likely to be released in February.

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