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Play Super Nintendo games on your iPhone or iPad without a jailbreak in iOS 8

Play Super Nintendo games on your iPhone or iPad without a jailbreak in iOS 8

October 6, 2014

Even though there is still no official jailbreak for iOS 8 devices, that doesn’t mean you’re confined to Apple’s walled garden. First spotted by iDeviceHype, you can quickly and easily install the SiOS Super Nintendo emulator without modifying your device.

Here’s a quick how to:

  1. On an iOS 8 device, open Safari and go to
  2. Head to the Apps tab, swipe down to SiOS and then select Install.
  3. Go to Settings, General, Date and Time. Make sure that the Set Automatically button is switched off. You’ll then nned to manually set the date back two months.
  4. Once SiOS is finished installing, open it on your device and then tap Trust when asked.
  5. Find a ROM to download. We won’t mention exactly how to do that. But Google is your friend.
  6. Save the ROM into SiOS and then start playing!

And if you need more help, here’s a quick video that shows the process as well. Click here if you can’t see it.

I was able to quickly and easily follow these steps, and now have a number of games like Super Mario Kart, Super Punch-Out, and more on my iPhone 6 Plus.

Just to note, this hack won’t last forever. Starting with iOS 8.1, Apple has closed the date/time bug that allows the emulator to be installed. That software is currently in beta testing and will probably arrive later this month with Apple Pay and other improvements.

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Via: Cult of Mac

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