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Apple will soon allow accessory makers to tap the Lightning port for new uses

Apple will soon allow accessory makers to tap the Lightning port for new uses

November 18, 2014

Apple has unveiled new Lightning connectors and specs for so-called Lightning receptacles. The offerings will allow companies in Apple’s Made-for-iPhone/iPad (MFi) licensing program to build new types of accessories that include a port for Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector, according to 9to5Mac.

Announced during last week’s MFi Summit in Shenzhen, China, Apple’s new offerings should help reduce costs for manufacturers. It should also lead to a simplified product experience for users.

As 9to5Mac explains:

Dock or battery case manufacturers, for example, would previously have to provide a separate USB cable and power supply to charge an accessory. Mophie’s battery pack iPhone case with integrated Lightning connector, for instance, currently comes with a micro USB cable for charging. With a built-in Lightning port, users could use an existing Lightning cable (the one that came with their iOS device) to charge the accessory.

Apple plans to begin shipping the new Lightning connector and receptacle to accessory makers in early 2015.

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