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You can’t even pay people to use a Microsoft Surface

You can’t even pay people to use a Microsoft Surface

November 5, 2014

Microsoft might want to ask for a recount … or at least a refund.

During Tuesday’s coverage of the 2014 elections in the United States, CNN commentators were seen using Microsoft Surface tablets. The problem? In reality they were actually using iPads, according to GeekWire.

As the following tweet shows, in at least one instance, a Surface tablet was used as an iPad stand.

In this tweet, you can see CNN’s Jake Tapper using an iPad behind two Microsoft Surface tablets:

This isn’t the first time one of Apple’s competitors has had problems with a high-profile product placement.

At the Academy Awards in March, host Ellen DeGeneres used a Galaxy Note from official sponsor Samsung to take selfies both on-stage and alongside celebrities. Comically, however, the South Korean company’s efforts failed when DeGeneres was spotted shooting selfies backstage and sending them to Twitter from her iPhone.

Last year, Microsoft wrote down $900 million on its unpopular tablet. Since then, the company has attempted to jumpstart Surface sales by comparing it to the MacBook Air in advertisements.

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