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Microsoft's New Surface Pro 3 Trade-In Scheme Targets MacBook Air Owners

Microsoft's New Surface Pro 3 Trade-In Scheme Targets MacBook Air Owners

June 24, 2014

Microsoft has launched a new initiative designed to get Apple fans to convert to using its Surface Pro 3 tablet-computer. Instead of targeting iPad owners, however, the program instead offers MacBook Air owners a huge discount on the price of a Surface Pro 3 when Cupertino’s laptop is traded-in.

As AppleInsider explains, the initiative (pictured above) sees Microsoft offer MacBook Air owners up to $650 off the price of a new Surface Pro 3 device, which starts at $799 and climbs as high as $1,299.

The deal means qualifying MacBook Air owners can pick up a Surface Pro 3 for as little as $150.

Curiously, Microsoft’s scheme indicates that the Windows-maker has one particular rival product in mind when it comes to boosting sales of its recently unveiled Surface Pro 3: the MacBook Air. The “hybrid” Surface Pro 3 device offers users a 12-inch touchscreen, a pressure-sensitive stylus, and a snap-on external keyboard; it can be used like a tablet, but is also able to run Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Pro, too.

Apple is said to be developing more “pro” features for its iPad – in particular, split-screen multitasking has been rumored to make an appearance either in iOS 8, iOS 8.1, or in next year’s iOS 9; at the same time, Cupertino is reportedly considering bringing an “iPad Pro” to the market, too.

For now, the MacBook Air offers users an ultra-portable desktop computer, and it’s no surprise Microsoft is targeting the device with the aforementioned deal. The offer is going to be available up until July 31 at select Microsoft Stores; the value attached to MacBook Airs will of course depend on their condition.

Prices for Apple’s MacBook Air, on the other hand, start at $899 on the Apple Online Store.

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