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A new patent application shows that Apple is working on flexible displays

A new patent application shows that Apple is working on flexible displays

December 11, 2014

Apple has filed a new patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Entitled, “Electronic Devices With Flexible Displays,” the application details a display which deforms when touched. Underneath the display “are a range of sensors and actuators that may temporarily or permanently deform to provide tactile feedback to the user,” according to Apple Toolbox.


Though the patent application is likely related to the upcoming Apple Watch, the technology could be used in other products in Apple’s lineup, such as an iPhone or MacBook.

Among the claims in the patent are:

An electronic device, comprising; a display having a flexible substrate and an array of display pixels formed on the flexible substrate; and an electrical component mounted behind the flexible substrate, wherein the electrical component gathers user input by detecting a deformation of the flexible substrate and wherein the flexible substrate transitions from a flat configuration to a deformed configuration during the deformation.

Apple credits Fletcher Rothkopf, Scott Myers, and Stephen Brian Lynch as the inventors of U.S. patent application number 20140362020.

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