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Looksee reinvents itself with better photo editing and more filter packs

Looksee reinvents itself with better photo editing and more filter packs

February 27, 2015

Looksee, a universal app that we examined a few months back, has reinvented itself with its latest update. The app allows you to share discover photos, allowing you to collaborate and connect with other people who share your particular look at the world. The app includes photo editing tools, allowing you to polish up your gems before you share them, and was originally designed to share images anonymously until someone liked your picture. Once someone liked your photo, the app would unlock a chat feature and allow you to follow each other on Instagram.

With the reinvented version, Looksee has “ditched the anonymous mechanic,” according to Quebec Drive founder Justin Spraggins, focusing instead on the filter packs that can be unlocked via In App Purchase. Called “Looks,” these filter packs are created by top Instagram users to represent the way they look at the world. Looksee allows you to collaborate with these top Instagram users by using their unique Looks on your own photos.

With the update also comes improved photo editing tools. These tools are comprehensive and easy to use, allowing you to adjust exposure, brightness, contrast, and other settings. The update also includes 18 new Looks, bringing the total number to 62, created by top photographers, bloggers, and models.

Looksee is available for free on the App Store, and filter packs start at $0.99.

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