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Boost your home cinema setup with Hue Camera for Philips Hue bulbs

Boost your home cinema setup with Hue Camera for Philips Hue bulbs

March 24, 2015

Philips Hue’s developer API means a huge range of Hue-connected iOS apps have launched on the App Store these past few years, allowing iPhone owners to really expand on the functionality of the smart bulbs. One of the latest apps, Hue Camera, makes it possible for Philips Hue owners to give their home cinema setup a boost, and it’s available to download now.

Optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and available for the price of $3.99, the device usefully uses the built-in iOS camera to work its magic, the developer explains. Upon launching the app, users of Hue Camera need simply point their iOS device at their TV screen in order to get live, dynamic lighting through their Hue bulbs. Of course, the more bulbs you have, the better – but Hue Camera only really requires one single bulb in order to work.

Using its own unique algorithm, Hue Camera promises to deliver lighting ambiance which reflects the current scene of the film or TV show you’re watching. Plus, you don’t strictly need to use the app with live video, even; instead, users of Hue Camera could set lighting based on a still image, like a photograph or painting. In a press release, indie developer Erwin Zwart adds:

Because Hue Camera uses the built-in camera, it’s not limited to a specific device and can be used with Apple TV, gaming consoles, BluRay/DVD players and even things off-screen like photos and paintings. Although Hue Camera was designed to work within a wide range of situations, users can change the speed of colour transitions and the intensity of the colour to their liking.

This is a smart app, and it’s one owners of Philips Hue’s smart bulbs are going to want to pick up. In order for Hue to run on your iOS device, you’ll need to be running iOS 7.0 or later; the app is also fully optimized for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which is something we’re always pleased to see.

Hue Camera for iOS.

Hue Camera for iOS.

Hue owners, be sure to take a closer look at Hue Camera. This looks to be an iOS app you don’t want to miss. As mentioned, Hue Camera is available for $3.99, and it’s a universal app that’s optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

For more information on Philips Hue, including the option of picking up a starter pack, head over to the Apple Online Store.

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