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Don't expect your Apple Watch to boot up quickly

Don't expect your Apple Watch to boot up quickly

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April 20, 2015

If you expect your Apple Watch to be quick to start up and reboot, you’re in for a sore disappointment. According to a video of a demo Apple Watch in one of the company’s retail stores, the smartwatch takes just over a minute to go from fully off to booted to the clock face. Compare that to recent iPhones, which take about 30 seconds to launch to the lock screen.

The system on a chip within the Apple Watch, the S1, is currently thought to be similar to an A5 chip. However, iPhones powered by the A5 chip did not take this long to boot up. It’s not clear what is causing Apple Watch to take so long to power up, but it might be due to the optimizations for better battery life. We will just have to wait until the watch is released to try figuring out the discrepancy in boot times.

Of course, it is also possible that the Apple Watch demo units in retail stores are so heavily customized that the boot time is affected. When the first batch of devices begin arriving on April 24, we will hopefully find out if the watches being delivered to customers’ wrists suffer from the same lag in powering up.

Apple began preorders for the smartwatch at 12:01 a.m. PDT on April 10, selling out within six hours. The first units preordered should be delivered by Friday, but other purchasers will have to wait until June to receive their smartwatches. To see the startup time of the Apple Watch, check out the video below. If the video fails to load, just click here.

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