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Looksee lets you browse photos and filter packs from your Apple Watch

Looksee lets you browse photos and filter packs from your Apple Watch

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April 24, 2015

Popular photo discovery app Looksee has released its Apple Watch companion, and it’s getting quite a bit of attention from Cupertino. Apple has featured the picture sharing app in both its Watch Communication bundle and the Social Networking category.


Looksee allows you to share and discover pictures while collaborating and connecting with other people who look at the world the same way that you do. We’ve talked about Looksee in past articles, finding it a comprehensive and easy to use app for editing and sharing your photos, as well as finding new ways to perfect your images.


On the iPhone, the app includes photo editing tools that you can use to fine-tune and polish your images before sharing them. Filter packs created by top Instagram users are available through in-app purchase to allow you to create similar effects on your photos to those pictures you find particularly appealing.


With the Apple Watch companion, you can swipe through previews of popular photos with ease. You can also tap on a profile to view stats and long press to like a photo. Through notifications, you can find out about new connects on Looksee, and the app will allow you to tap on a filter Look to see the pack name and then use Handoff to purchase it from your iPhone.

Looksee is available for free on the App Store. Look packs are available through in-app purchase starting at $0.99 and costing as much as $6.99 for larger collections.

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