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Apple Watch development could become more powerful with future update

Apple Watch development could become more powerful with future update

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May 20, 2015

Recently, we reported on an update to Apple’s Watch OS that brings improved performance for Siri and third party apps, along with improvements to accessibility and more. Rumors of another update for Apple Watch might hold even more significant implications for developers, according to a recent report from Fortune.

Citing recent news from 9to5Mac about Cupertino opening up Apple Watch complications to third party developers, Fortune points out that the new revenue stream generated by being able to create new complications could lure in more app creators and attract more consumers. The publication has been interviewing developers excited about the possibilities, and recently received an email from David Barnard, founder of Group Text+ developer Contrast.

I’m incredibly excited about the possibility of Complications, both as a user and a developer. While Glances are nice for quick access to apps/information, they still require a swipe up to access and often require swiping back and forth to find the right one. It’s kind of ironic actually, that they are called glances. Complications, on the other hand, offer truly glanceable access to information.

Complications can be more efficient to use than Glances, since there’s no need to swipe up to access the app’s information. Instead, Apple Watch owners tap on the screen and use the digital crown to choose their preferred complication choice. After that, all the user has to do is raise their wrist to activate the smartwatch and display the complication with up-to-date information.

It would be fantastic to see more complications available on Apple Watch other than the ones built in. Not only would this availability create new ways for app developers to build features into their apps, but it would also make the smartwatch even more customizable than it already is. The exact timeline for the next Watch OS update is not yet known, but reports are suggesting that the new feature might be officially announced in just a few weeks.

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