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Apple's iOS 9 hints at stylus support for iPad

Apple's iOS 9 hints at stylus support for iPad

Apple Announces
June 11, 2015

Apple’s iOS 9 includes support for a feature which hints at the launch of a new, smart stylus-style device for the iPad.

Called Touch Events, the feature, which was outlined in a recent iOS developer session during WWDC, is designed to limit touch response times while also using algorithms to calculate where, precisely, a touch input might be headed. This kind of technology is commonly used in conjunction with styluses, and it has Cult of Mac thinking iOS 9 could pave the way for a dedicated, Apple-made stylus device.

The publication continued:

Another big clue was revealed earlier this week. During Monday’s WWDC keynote, Apple showed off new drawing capabilities in iOS 9’s Notes app. The Notes app, which is currently used to make, well, notes, has gained support for drawings and doodles. Users can make drawings and squiggles with their fingers. A selection of tools allows different brush styles and colors, and there’s a ruler to keep sketches straight.

At the very least, Touch Events means smarter, faster touch inputs on iOS. But if Cult of Mac has it right, the feature could point to a whole lot more. Rumors of a bigger, more advanced, desktop-like “iPad Pro” have been circulating for some time (and especially following the launch of the iPad Air, the year before last). If Apple goes ahead with such a move, a stylus could be the perfect product to complement such a launch.

For now, we’ll have to wait before finding out more. But be assured: Touch Events is coming in iOS 9. Perhaps an “iPad Pro” is indeed in Apple’s product pipeline, after all.

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