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Get searching for that perfect video with a new Vine update

Get searching for that perfect video with a new Vine update

Digital Communicator
June 9, 2015

A new update to the official Vine app has just arrived. And version 1.4 is making it much easier to search for content on the video-sharing social network.

After selecting the Explore tab, you can now enter a word, phrase, account, or hashtag to search for. In addition to search, you can even choose to watch top or recent posts as you’re scrolling through a feed of Vines.

Here’s a quick example of the new search feature.

Last week, Vine also made a change to the notifications. Users will see notifications when people see and interact with re-vines in their feed or on a profile page.

During Monday’s WWDC keynote, Apple announced that a Vine app will be arriving for the Apple Watch when WatchOS 2.0 officially arrives sometime this fall. So with the Vine watch app, you’ll be able to view all the videos on your wrist, which sounds great.

Vine is designed for the iPhone/iPod touch and can be downloaded now on the App Store for free.

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