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You can now jailbreak iOS 8.3 using TaiG

You can now jailbreak iOS 8.3 using TaiG

Jailbreak Time
June 23, 2015

TaiG, the folks behind a number of previous jailbreak releases, have published a brand new untethered jailbreak release that’s compatible with iOS 8.3-powered devices. There are, however, a couple of limitations with the jailbreak solution, at least at the minute.

The surprise release of TaiG’s iOS 8.3 solution means Cydia Substrate, as well as MS Tweaks, haven’t been updated and optimized for the newer OS. Because of this, most popular jailbreak apps and tweaks likely won’t be compatible with jailbroken iOS 8.3 devices. The news came in a Twitter update from @MuscleNerd, a prominent (and vocal) jailbreak hacker, who explained:

Congrats @taig_jailbreak for today’s 8.1–8.3 jailbreak :) Substrate and MS tweaks not working but saurik is on it

Here, @MuscleNerd references Jay Freeman (@saurik), the man behind the Cydia Store – the jailbreak version of Apple’s App Store. As per, @saurik will indeed need to make some behind-the-scenes changes and updates to Cydia in order for the newer jailbreak to be of use for iOS device owners.

It’s also bad news for Mac owners, too, because at the minute the updated TaiG is available for users of Windows PCs only (though an app like Parallels would let Mac owners get around this shortcoming). There have also been some errors with the jailbreak process itself, too. Certain users have found that it’s failing mid-jailbreak, meaning some iOS device owners are having to halt the process, restore their iOS device using TaiG, and restart the jailbreak method. TaiG notes that disabling Wi-Fi could help anyone in this position.

Jailbreaking an iOS device allows users to install software not officially sanctioned by Apple. In the past, jailbreak tweaks and apps have brought certain features to iOS years before Cupertino. Of course, Apple strongly discourages users from jailbreaking their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

For download links to the TaiG iOS 8.3 software, including a step-by-step guide posted by the creators of TaiG, click this link.

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