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7 great tips for making the most of Apple Music

7 great tips for making the most of Apple Music

July 1, 2015

Now that Apple Music is live, you want to make the most of your free trial. There are so many options in Apple Music, and some reviewers have commented that the interface might be overwhelming to some users. With that in mind, here are seven great ways you can get the most out of Cupertino’s new music streaming service.

1. Use Siri with Apple Music

If you call on Siri, she can play almost any song you can think of. You can also ask Siri to add music to your library. Apple Music’s library has more than 30 million tracks, so it might be a fun game to try finding a song she doesn’t have. Picking the Beatles is cheating.


2. Download music for offline listening

Is there a song in your music collection that you want to be available for offline listening? You can save songs for playback offline by tapping the ellipsis button next to a song in My Music and then selecting “Make Available Offline.” A bonus tip: as you can see above, you can also ask Siri to add the album to your music.


3. Find the full album for a song you’re listening to

If you’re listening to a song and want to see the rest of the tracks in that album, Apple Music makes that easy. Just tap the ellipsis button next to the song, then tap the banner at the top of the menu. That will take you to that song’s album and you can see its other tracks or add it to your music collection.


4. Check your music download progress

Once you’ve started downloading some music, you might want to check the progress of getting those great songs onto your iOS device. You can pause or resume the downloads of individual tracks, or cancel all of them.


5. Queue a song to play next

When you’re browsing through Apple Music and find something you want to play next, it’s easy to do. Just tap the ellipsis button next to the song, and then tap either Play Next or Add to Up Next.


6. Use the mini player

Apple Music includes a handy mini player that you can use to control playback. You can continue browsing music in any other tab, and still have quick access to pause, skip forward a track, or go back a track in your playlist. You can also access the full list of songs scheduled to play by tapping the list icon, or get the menu to start a station, add to my music, and more with the ellipsis button.


7. Set Apple Music tracks as an alarm

If you want a song from Apple Music to wake you up in the morning, just add it to your music collection. Then, go into the Clock app and tap the Alarm tab. Add a new alarm, then tap Sound. Next, you can pick a song by searching your tracks, which includes all of the saved music from the Apple Music library.


These tips should improve your listening experience, helping you get the most out of Apple Music. There’s a lot you can do with this service, and we’ve only scratched the surface so far. Be sure to check out some of our other articles on Apple Music, like our FAQ about the service or our comparison of Cupertino’s new listening option with Spotify.

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