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Could it be that an iPod refresh is coming soon?

Could it be that an iPod refresh is coming soon?

July 10, 2015

It’s been years since we’ve seen new iPod models. In fact, the last refresh to Apple’s audio players was in September 2012, when the fifth generation iPod touch was released. At the same time, the seventh generation iPod nano was unveiled, but the iPod Classic and iPod shuffle have been left alone since 2007 and 2010, respectively. According to a report from French site iGen, which has a pretty good reputation of predicting what’s in store for Apple, a complete iPod refresh could be coming as soon as July 14.

Image credit: Ars Technica

The current iPod product line
Image credit: Ars Technica

Reliable past sources

The unnamed sources iGen cites have proven accurate in the past, so the French site is confident that Apple will announce a new wave of audio players as early as next week.

New colors spotted

As 9to5Mac noted previously, new colors were spotted within iTunes 12.2, hinting at dark blue, dark pink, and gold options for each of the iPod shuffle, iPod nano, and iPod touch models. Yes, these could be Photoshop errors, but that seems unlikely because of the number of images found within iTunes 12.2.


Minor updates and one substantive upgrade

It seems that the iPod nano and iPod shuffle are only being given minor updates, possibly to bring them on board with Apple Music. The model number for the iPod nano, iGen reports, is moving from n31 to n31a. Meanwhile, the iPod shuffle’s model number will increase to n12d from n12b.

The iPod touch, on the other hand, seems to be getting a more substantial update. First of all, the image found within iTunes shows the removal of the hole for the camera loop on the iPod touch. Furthermore, the model number iGen is reporting for the refreshed iPod touch is n102, compared to the fifth generation’s model number, n78.

A 64-bit iPod touch?

We already know, from Apple’s keynote at WWDC, that the fifth generation iPod touch will support iOS 9. However, we also know that Apple is seeing the need to move to 64-bit only support. The speculations iGen makes about the iPod touch are that the smart audio player, one of the few 32-bit devices still manufactured by Apple, could be moving to a 64-bit architecture. This would maintain support for newer games and apps, especially if the iPod touch also has support for Metal graphics.

Good news for those who don’t need a tablet or smartphone

If the iPods are, in fact, being refreshed, this is very good news, indeed. While these models might not see as many sales as the iPhone and iPad do, they still have their place in Apple’s product catalog. There are, after all, still people who want an Apple device but don’t want or need a tablet or smartphone. For these people, an audio player that can support Apple Music would be welcome, and would generate more sales for Cupertino’s latest service offering. We will continue to monitor this story, and update you when we have more information.

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