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Did Apple really just feature a swastika in the App Store’s Best New Games?

Did Apple really just feature a swastika in the App Store’s Best New Games?

July 9, 2015

Notice something a little different in the iPad screenshot for the new game Stars Wheel? Apple apparently didn’t, and has even featured the game in the App Store’s Best New Games section.

As you can plainly see, one screenshot of the iPad version of the “ambient puzzle game” features something that very closely resembles a swastika.


The questionable screenshot.

While it’s technically not same exact symbol glorified by Nazi Germany in World War II since it is oriented in a counterclockwise position, it’s definitely close enough.

Ironically, the iPhone screenshot is slightly different, and features a small difference in the dot pattern.


The slightly different iPhone screenshot of the same game.

We’ve emailed Stars Wheel developer particlemade and asked them to submit a new iPad screenshot not containing the swastika imagery ASAP. We will update you if we receive any response.

While it’s more than likely an accident, it would have been nice for Apple to catch the offensive image during the approval process. What’s next in app screenshots, a backwards Confederate flag?

Update: We’ve heard from particlemade, and they have submitted another iPad screenshot to Apple. They also apologized for the issue.

Update 2: The problematic screenshot has been remove and replaced on the App Store.


The offensive image in the screenshot has been removed.

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