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From GamingSOON: This week’s top 4 upcoming games you shouldn’t miss

From GamingSOON: This week’s top 4 upcoming games you shouldn’t miss

Pocket Gaming
July 25, 2015

Hiding behind the “Games” tab at the top of our site, we’re always busy bringing you the best of what’s coming to iOS over at GamingSOON. That’s because there’s never a dull moment in the iOS gaming department, with new titles being announced and released all the time. However, sometimes things can get hectic when releases begin to pile up. To make sure you haven’t missed anything important, here are some of the highlights from the past week of upcoming game announcements.

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1. 42 Orbs

42 Orbs - Half-Sheet

Release date: July 30, 2015

Forty-two orbs have strayed from the light, each going in a different direction. You’ve been assigned to guide them back. To do so, once shown an orb, tap nearby to set its launch angle and speed, adjusting in an attempt to avoid every obstacle as you send the orb toward and into the light. Only upon full completion of the task, i.e., saving all 42 orbs, will your result appear on the leaderboard.

2. Nosferatu 2: Run from the Sun

Nosferatu 2: Run from the Sun - Featured Image

Release date: July 29, 2015

Here we have an endless runner that demands heightened awareness and quick reflexes from its players. The proven game concept is taken to the next level thanks to a wonderfully handcrafted world, which includes a map showing your as well as friends’ progress, the summoning of many different pets, plus worldwide and even country-specific leaderboards along with other elements.

3. Toby’s Monster

Toby’s Monster - Half-Sheet

Release date: Aug. 6, 2015

Toby, the brave-hearted explorer, set out in search for the greatest treasure the world has ever seen. Deep in a lost cave, after years of excavating, he finally found what he was looking for, the elusive Golden Egg. Legend tells us, if given the proper amount of patience, love, and care the egg will grow into the most spectacular beast. Now, it’s time for an even bigger adventure, one filled to the brim with mystery, danger, excitement, whimsy, and much more. Oh, and plenty of amazing creatures.

4. Hungry Bird

Hungry Bird - Featured Image

Release date: July 30, 2015

In this combination hunting and jumping platform game, the excursion begins when a bird falls from a nest and now your objective is to help it fly back. As the bird makes his ascent, he uses energy to hop and flutter, even more upon colliding with a hazardous obstacle. Therefore, you’ll need to feed the feathery companion as well as avoid enemy creatures and other obstructions if at all possible as you guide him to the top.