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Has Apple Music already hit the 10 million subscriber mark?

Has Apple Music already hit the 10 million subscriber mark?

July 28, 2015

Apple has been quiet about how many subscribers have signed up for its new music streaming service, other than Tim Cook telling investors that “millions and millions” have signed up for the three-month trial. According to Hits Daily Double, however, inside sources have revealed that Apple Music has already attracted more than 10 million subscribers in the four weeks since the service launched.

Even though Cupertino has not made the numbers of streaming subscribers public, it does provide regular reports to rights holders such as artists and record labels. Those sources, Hits Daily Double says, have been “surprised by how big those figures already are.”

Hits Daily Double calls its main news section the “Rumor Mill,” but the numbers it suggests are still credible. When iOS 8.4 was released, an estimated 40 percent of compatible devices had adopted the upgraded operating system within a week of availability. Since the biggest new feature of iOS 8.4 was Apple Music, that large adoption rate is a possible indicator of the popularity of the streaming service’s trial.

If the figures are right and the subscribers stick around after the free trial ends, they put Apple Music in strong competition with Spotify, which boasts about 20 million paid subscribers. Right now, Apple Music’s 10 million subscribers are free, but that won’t always be the case. Apple Music doesn’t offer a free tier, and the trial for most of those users will end in September. Looking at total users, 10 million free trial members is only a small portion of Spotify’s 75 million total active users, but this is just a month into the service.

Reportedly, Cupertino’s goal is to have 100 million paid Apple Music subscribers. This number would require new subscribers and also a large number of switchers from other services. Apple Music would also need to retain subscribers after the end of the free trial, which is not always guaranteed.

After the three-month trial ends, Apple Music costs $9.99 monthly for individuals or $14.99 per month for a family plan. Are you still on the fence about Apple Music, or just want more information on the service? Be sure to check out our definitive guide to Apple Music. Also, if you want to learn how to get the most from your subscription, take a look at our seven great tips for making the most of Apple Music.

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