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‘Remindify’ yourself with helpful symbols

‘Remindify’ yourself with helpful symbols

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July 2, 2015

You live by your reminders and alerts. Heck, sometimes you need a reminder to set up a reminder. But, don’t you get tired of having to type every single piece of your alert into the app and then configure all the details? It takes time that you sometimes just do not have. Enter Remindify, the extremely simple reminder app that lets you set up items in seconds by using symbols.

Remindify RemindHow can it save me time?

Remindify lets you set up reminders in just a tap or two. Pick your time, choose your symbol, and save it. It really is that easy. There are no settings or configurations, just quick adding of reminders. Switching between days is as easy as a tap from both the main and alert creation screens.

What are these symbols all about?

The concept of using symbols is a smart one because you don’t have to type in the name of your item. For example, choose the Mail symbol to remind you to send an email, the Pizza symbol so you know when to order your delivery, or the School symbol to alert you when class starts. There are over 200 symbols to pick from which means there is probably one for every reminder you could need. Not only that, but there is a General as well as an Alert symbol, if all else fails.

Remindify SymbolsWhat are the other useful features?

Remindify keeps it simple on purpose, however, you can add descriptions to your items if you like. Plus, setting up recurring reminders is available and they can repeat daily, weekly, or monthly.

Overall thoughts on the app

This is a nice reminder app with a super easy-to-use interface and design. There are no complicated settings and you can choose which symbols you want to appear, which is great. Keep in mind that this is a reminder app, not a task list or calendar app. There is no way to mark items off of your list as completed and there are no end times, however, you can delete alerts when you are finished with them. So, for simple reminders to get things done, this is a solid app.

Remindify is universal and available for free on the App Store with no ads or in-app purchases.

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