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Shazam for movie trailers? Heck yea, with MovieQU

Shazam for movie trailers? Heck yea, with MovieQU

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July 29, 2015

With an extremely innovative idea, Shazam hit the market and drew in many users. The app recognizes and stores the song “it hears,” provides you the title and artist, and allows you to buy it. Using that same concept, film lovers can now do the same thing with movie trailers using MovieQU.

MovieQU RecommendWhat is MovieQU?

Released today, July 29, the app will recognize a movie trailer by sound and capture the film’s details. The movie will then be placed in your “QU” so that you will never forget about an upcoming flick you want to catch. In addition, the app will send you a convenient notification when a movie in your QU is released.

MovieQU SuccessWhat other features does it have?

The app does not stop at recognizing and capturing movies for you. Once you have a movie in your QU you can view the synopsis, director, and cast. Re-watch its trailer and share details via email, text, or social media. For an added bonus, just log into Facebook to see which of your friends have also “MovieQU’d” that film.

The app will also provide you recommendations based on other movies in your QU. There is even an option to purchase discounted theater tickets from DealFlicks right within the app.

MovieQU DealsTerrific idea, works great

As a huge fan of Shazam, I was thrilled to hear about MovieQU. Having that list of movies that you want to see, along with reminders when shows are released, is enormously handy. Add in the Facebook connection and discount tickets and you have a terrific app. I was able to capture movie information quickly by tapping the button while watching trailers on my iPad. So, whether you are in the theater, in front of your TV, or on your computer watching movie trailers, the app works. Tip: make sure that the audio is clear and in decent range of your iPhone when capturing trailers.

MovieQU FilmMovieQU is designed for iPhone and available for free with no in-app purchases (unless you buy tickets from DealFlicks) on the App Store.

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Movies trailer finder: MOVIEQU
Movies trailer finder: MOVIEQU
Rakesh Nigam

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