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Movie Apps for Movie Lovers

Going to the movies is always a fun experience, but these great movie apps make it even better. No matter what you need, these apps will have you covered!

iTunes Movie Trailers
Fandango Movies - Times + Tickets - Showtimes and Tickets
Letterboxd – The social network for film lovers
TodoMovies 4

Preview Current and Upcoming Movies

Before you head out to the theater, you might want some idea of what's playing. And after you go, you'll want to decide what you're going to see next. This app lets you watch all the trailers you need to make your current and future moviegoing plans.

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iTunes Movie Trailers

iTunes Movie Trailers


Build up your hype and anticipation levels

A sharp looking showtime finder is iTunes Movie Trailers. The app mainly allows for you to watch movie trailers of upcoming and released movies, but it does include an "In Theaters" tab. From that tab, you can view showtimes by theater or movie title. You can't purchase tickets from the app, but it's still an efficient and fast loading showtime finder.

Get a Seat for the Show

Now that you know what you want to see in the theater, it's time to beat the box office and get your tickets in advance. These apps will help you pick theaters, movies, and even seats so you can make the most of your night out. They'll even help you skip a line or two.

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Fandango Movies - Times + Tickets

Fandango Movies - Times + Tickets


Fandango does have some cool features not offered in other apps. You have the option of opening a Fandango account, which allows you to purchase your tickets right from your phone (if available at your theater). You can browse showtimes by movie or theater, rate movies, and even create a wish list of movies that you want to see. Fandango will then notify you when they start playing at a theater near you. Sadly there are small banner ads, even a few pop-ups, and Fandango does load slower than the essential apps.

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Atom – Movie Tickets and Showtimes
Atom – Movie Tickets and Showtimes

Atom – Movie Tickets and Showtimes

Atom Tickets, LLC

Atom is the easiest way to go to the movies. We've simplified everything from finding the movie you want to see, to coordinating with friends, to buying concessions. Atom is movie-going for the twenty-first century.

We've redesigned the movie-going experience from the ground up:
* SKIP THE LINES - Buy your tickets and concessions through Atom and skip the lines when you get to the theater.
* PAY YOUR WAY - Use Apple Pay, PayPal, or a credit card.
* NO PAPER TICKETS, NO HASSLE - When you get to the theater, you've already paid. No need to pull out your wallet or mess with cash.
* SIMPLE - Find the perfect movie, show time, and theater. Invite friends and get your tickets. Simple and easy from your phone.
* NO IOU's - Atom makes it easy for you to go as a group without paying for the group.
* BRING THE FAMILY - Atom now offers child and senior tickets, making a family trip the the movies easier than ever.


Atom Tickets is now available for purchasing at all Regal, Edwards, AMC, Arclight (in California), Studio Movie Grill, and Silverspot theaters!

Atom is adding support for more theaters soon, so stay tuned for updates...

more info - Showtimes and Tickets - Showtimes and Tickets - Showtimes and Tickets, Inc

The app is somewhat similar to the Fandango app minus a few features. You have an option of creating a account which allows you to purchase tickets directly from your phone if your theater allows it. You can also browse showtimes by movie title and theater. When you browse a movie, you are able to watch the trailer, view the poster, write a review, and find some general knowledge about said movie. This does contain banner ads.

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Track The Movies You Have Seen

If you catch a lot of flicks either in theaters or at home, be sure to keep track of what you've seen. This will help you avoid those uncanny moments of déjà vu when you unwittingly start rewatching something at 3 in the morning some night. You can also rate your movies and share your opinions with your friends.

Go Behind the Scenes

Whether you're trying to remember a movie, identify an actor, look up interesting trivia, or get a memorable quotation right, this app is ready to help. It contains all the behind-the-scenes knowledge you require and keep you up to date on the latest trailers, news, and more.

IMDb Movies & TV - Trailers and Showtimes

Find out everything you'll ever need to know about the entertainment industry

IMDb Movies & TV - Trailers and Showtimes

Trivia, quotes and more

For those who like to look up information on actors, directors, and other entertainment figures

The IMDb app is an entertainment industry reference field guide. The huge database conains information on everyone and everything in Hollywood, including movies, TV, actors, directors, and much more. The app can also serve as a nice TV listings app and even movie showtimes app, so it's like the Swiss Army knife of entertainment apps. The IMDb app lets you buy tickets, watch trailers, read reviews, and get the latest news from Hollywood.

Why we love it

It's one of the most comprehensive entertainment databases out there, and it's super easy to use.

Improve Your Movie-Watching Experience (While Sparing Your Bladder)

Maybe you were running late to the theater, or perhaps it wasn't the best idea to pick up a cup of soda the size of a barrel at the concessions stand. Either way, if you find yourself unable to hold it any longer and having to step out during the screening, this app will stop you from missing any of the good stuff.

Go pee without missing a thing

The timer is running

For those who prefer to skip unnecessary scenes for a bathroom break.

RunPee lets you look ahead in movies and determine a good opportunity to use the restroom without missing anything when you come back. Just find the spot, set a timer, and the app will notify you when it's time for a bathroom break. You can get up and go without disturbing anyone with a bright screen in the darkness.

Why we love it

It's a great way to determine what the right time to use the bathroom is.