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Tactile Wars, a fast-paced war game, soft-launches on iOS

Tactile Wars, a fast-paced war game, soft-launches on iOS

Pocket Gaming
July 1, 2015

On the lookout for a fun, new, colorful battle game for iOS? Well, keep your eyes peeled for Tactile Wars: a new game that soft-launched on Apple's platform earlier today, and which can be downloaded now free of charge in a handful of lucky countries.

Those countries, according to a recent press release from developer Ankama, are New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and Finland. "The full global release is scheduled for this summer," the developer adds, meaning iOS device owners the world over don't have long to wait until Tactile Wars launches on an App Store near them.

But should we be excited? According to Ankama, we should. The same press release continues:

Tactile Wars is a totally new IP designed by Ankama, which previously released strategy games DOFUS: Battles 1 and 2 on the App Store. Ankama developed a totally different experience this time, mixing strategy and arcade elements. In Tactile Wars, the player is the general of an army of mini-soldier pigments, armed with paint guns. The objective of this game is clear: conquer the other players’ territories with colourful blasts of paint. Players take control of their troops via innovative and intuitive touch gameplay and dynamic gestures to create their squad formation according to approaching enemies. The tactical possibilities of the game make for epic battles: infantry, mines, tanks, turrets, mercenary recruitment, troop upgrades, and alliances with other players are all ways to make one’s strategy unbeatable. To make one’s color prevail and to achieve high world rankings, players will have to upgrade their troops by unlocking new technologies thanks to their experience points.

There's also a recently-released trailer for the game, and if it's anything to go by, Tactile Wars is definitely a title we're going to be looking out for over the course of the coming months.

Here it is:

If you can't see the above video, please click this link

Before now, Akama has brought DFOUS: Battles 2 HD to the App Store, though this didn't impress us back in 2012 when the new title launched on iOS. Instead, our conclusion declared that the app, which retailed for $3.99 at the time, needed "a few updates" before it was worth our readers' hard-earned cash. Here's hoping Tactile Wars is better received by early critics and players.

We'll let you know once Tactile Wars launches on iOS. In the meantime, be sure to check out the above trailer.