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Apple wants to improve third-party accessory packaging

Apple wants to improve third-party accessory packaging

August 13, 2015

Angela Ahrendts’ next target? The packaging of third-party accessories sold in Apple Retail Stores.

According to a new report from Business Insider, Cupertino is now requiring third-party accessory manufacturers to make their product packaging look more like Apple’s. Aside from typographic changes and the material of the product packaging, Cupertino also wants accessory makers to use shots of its iOS devices from Apple’s "preferred angles," according to a memo shared by one accessory maker.

And if accessory makers don’t conform? Well, their products are sent back with a list of required changes included.

Apple sent the memo out to a number of different accessory makers, and Business Insider has reproduced a version of text from the memo (below). The text as been altered since Apple has reportedly been sending different memos out to different groups of companies, in order to better identify sources of leaks to the media. Apple explains, then, that it expects:

  • uniform white background
  • consistent placement of logo and icons
  • consistent product shot photo angles
  • simplified typography
  • better quality packaging material

The move likely stems from Angela Ahrendts, senior vice president of Retail at Apple (who took the job in May 2014). She oversaw the launch of the Apple Watch, making the decision to keep orders "online only" for a lengthy spell in order to meet demand. Before this happened, Ahrendts had noted that the days of waiting in line for product launches at Apple Retail Stores were over.

This most recent change to third-party accessory packaging is meant to make the experience of visiting an Apple Store easier for the customer. Keep a lookout for the changes; they’ll be reaching an Apple Retail Store near you in the near future (if they haven’t already).

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