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Apple's PayAnywhere partnership brings Apple Pay to 300,000 new locations

Apple's PayAnywhere partnership brings Apple Pay to 300,000 new locations

August 28, 2015

Apple is joining forces with PayAnywhere, makers of a popular credit card reader, to bring its iOS-powered Apple Pay to some 300,000 new locations across the United States.

The news, which surfaced in an article from CNBC (via 9to5mac), also noted that as part of the deal, PayAnywhere credit card readers will be sold in Apple Retail Stores from September, with prices starting at $39.95. This reader accepts contactless NFC (near field communication) cards, as well as swipe credit cards, and in an attempt to promote Apple Pay PayAnywhere is offering merchants the first $5,000 of Apple Pay processing free.

Marc Gardner, CEO of PayAnywhere, said in a statement provided to CNBC:

We are very excited to launch sales exclusively in Apple Stores throughout the country. To demonstrate how simple and easy it is to accept Apple Pay, we have chosen to offer all customers the first $5,000 free in Apple Pay transaction processing with a new PayAnywhere account.

Of course, this spells good news for iOS device owners living in the United States, since the option of using Apple Pay is indeed coming to some 300,000 new locations as part of the PayAnywhere deal. Here in England, I’ve been using Apple Pay following its launch this side of the pond, and I’m impressed: the service works great with both my iPhone and Apple Watch, and my only wish is that more retailers offered a contactless payment option.

For more information, including an interview with Apple Pay chief Jennifer Bailey, check out CNBC’s original report.

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