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Did Jimmy Iovine hint at incoming Apple TV curation?

Did Jimmy Iovine hint at incoming Apple TV curation?

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August 10, 2015

Jimmy Iovine, former Beats CEO and Apple Music mogul, strongly hinted in a recent interview that TV curation could be coming from Apple sometime in the future. Could this be a sign of the long, long, long anticipated Apple television service we’ve been waiting so patiently for?

We hope so. The interview, with Wired, saw Iovine discuss the power of Apple’s music curation platform. He went on, however, to discuss the possibility of a TV curation service from the Cupertino, California company, which would match content to individual subscribers.

He said:

Curation is a big thing to us, and no one is going to be able to catch us or do it better. We all know one thing, we all have different television delivery systems, don’t we all wish that the delivery systems were better, as far as curation and service?

I know I do, Jimmy. Though if you’re wondering whether Iovine is the man to bring a TV curation service from Apple to subscribers, think again. At the minute, he’s finding Cupertino’s music platform “so daunting” that he “can’t even think about anything else,” according to the interview.

Again and again, we’ve pondered if an enhanced, all-new TV service from Apple could grace our living rooms. Curation would be key in making such a service stand out from the crowd, though if Apple Music is anything to go by, I think Cupertino could pull this off. For now, we have Apple Music to enjoy. But if Iovine’s not-so-enigmatic comments are anything to go by, a revamped TV offering from Apple could be in the pipeline.

Could we hear more at the company’s annual fall event? Only time will tell.

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