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Fan-made ad envisages a colorful 'iPhone 6s'

Fan-made ad envisages a colorful 'iPhone 6s'

August 19, 2015

Could a colorful "iPhone 6s" be inbound?

One purported (read: fake) Apple ad hints that this could be the case. The video, claiming to have leaked "from an Apple office," surfaced online at YouTube earlier today; it uses a handheld camera to record a purported upcoming advertisement for the iPhone 6s, which is playing on a MacBook Pro (which rests on a tabletop). So sensitive is the information captured on film that, at the close of the ad, the owner of the MacBook grabs the device and bolts, flustered, for the door!

Of course this is a false ad, as MacRumors notes. But, as the website equally highlights, the "advertisement" does provide iOS fans with one take on how the upcoming iPhone 6s may look. Could it be that we’ll see "vibrant," colorful, iPhone 5c-inspired handsets launch this September? I’m not so sure.

It’d be a surprise move for Apple to adopt this colorful line of design for its iPhone 6s. Instead, I’d argue that we’d sooner see a colorful line of "iPhone 6c" devices launch in September, and that the iPhone 6s would preserve the more premium Space Gray, Silver, and Gold color options we’re used to. But indeed, anything could happen.

Here’s the video; take a look:

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.

What do you think — real, or fake? Would you purchase a colorful iPhone 6s, or, like me, is this something you’re not at all anticipating?

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