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Force Touch gestures discovered in iOS 9; 'iPhone 6s' packaging surfaces

Force Touch gestures discovered in iOS 9; 'iPhone 6s' packaging surfaces

August 27, 2015

It looks like a Force Touch-capable display is indeed inbound, according to code recently uncovered in Apple’s iOS.

Specifically, in iOS 9, the betas for which have been reaching developers these past few months, references to a Force Touch-specific gesture (labeled “deep press”) have been uncovered by Hamza Sood. In a Twitter update from his account (@hamzasood), the developer included the below screenshot, and explained:

Some force touch code in iOS. Looks like they’ve tested kb trackpad gestures on the 6s, activated via force touch

Of course, on the Apple Watch, Force Touch gestures allow owners of the wearable to perform actions through pressing harder on the screen. Haptic feedback alerts users that a Force Touch has been performed. On Apple’s new, 12-inch MacBook, on the other hand, the built-in trackpad supports Force Touch, allowing for similar functionality. For some time, analysis has indicated that Force Touch is iPhone (and iPad) bound, even if this feature alone isn’t expected to wow consumers.

Image credit: Hamza Sood.

Image credit: Hamza Sood.

However, this isn’t the only piece of “iPhone 6s” news to surface recently. As 9to5mac explains, Chinese website cnBeta also claims to have captured an image of the upcoming “iPhone 6s Plus” handset’s retail packaging (included below).

9to5mac adds:

The cnBeta report also includes details about the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus battery, claiming that they will be smaller than the current generation. It says the Plus will go from the current 2910mAH rating down to a 2750mAH battery capacity. Although again unsubstantiated, assuming it is true, it is unlikely to indicate that the new iPhone battery life will be shorter. The more probable outcome is that Apple has managed to make the new iPhone hardware more power efficient so heavier, larger, batteries are unnecessary.

Indeed, Sept. 9 is the anticipated date of Apple’s iPhone event for 2015, and as such, we don’t have long to wait until all of these rumors are put to bed. Personally speaking, I’m anticipating a Force Touch display for the “iPhone 6s,” and little else save for the usual internal boosts.

Image credit: cnB

Image credit: cnBeta

Of course, we’ll keep you posted with further information as we receive it.

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