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Google's iOS app gets enhanced 'Okay Google' support

Google's iOS app gets enhanced 'Okay Google' support

August 13, 2015

Google, the iOS app from the search engine giant, is now better than ever.

This is because the free, universal application now offers improved support for “Okay Google,” the voice command¬†users of the app can speak in order to call on Google’s voice-activated personal assistant.

Now, Google users can enjoy saying “Okay Google” and asking a question while on any Web page. The app is always listening for the command, and it’ll search for any question you ask once activated.

Google’s feature also works alongside whatever Web page you’re currently browsing, too. Say, for instance, you’re reading up on Bruce Springsteen. You can say, “Okay Google, how old is he?” and the application will perform a Google search for the question, “How old is Bruce Springsteen?” From here, Google will speak the answer back to you (“He is 65 years old”).

Google for iOS.

Google for iOS.

The same goes for places (“Okay Google, how far away is it?”), and in our testing, the feature worked well. There’s a lot to like about Google for iOS, and today’s most recent update gives iOS device owners another reason to download the app and take it for a spin.

Further changes include more detailed local search results, and the ability to copy and paste from anywhere in the app.

You can download the revamped Google for iOS on the App Store now. It’s available free of charge, and is optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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