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Has the Apple Watch been worth it?

Has the Apple Watch been worth it?

That iThingy You're Wearing
August 11, 2015

I’ve already offered my opinion on Apple Watch. Now it’s time to see what others at AppAdvice and WatchAware are saying about their wearable device after a few months.


AppAdvice Daily podcaster Robin Rhys:

“After three months with the Apple Watch I have to say that I’m about as attached to it as I am to my iPhone. I have never thought so actively about the amount of calories I’m burning daily and have therefore become more active because of it. I love the cool factor, people stop me everywhere I go asking about the watch. Some downsides to the watch are definitely the third party apps as of this point, especially apps that you thought would be awesome like Instagram. Another downside are the bands. Many of them are too big for my tiny wrist. The only one that fits really well is the Sport band, and while I love it, it gets really dirty. Luckily it’s easily cleanable.”


Writer Sandy Stachowiak:

“It is possible that the newness of the Apple Watch has worn off by now for many wearers, but for me, I am still amazed at its capabilities. I find it most useful for receiving notifications. Keeping in touch with text messages, emails, phone calls, and even Slack means that I do not have to literally carry around my iPhone or attach it to my hip. It can stay in another room or in my bag while I get those important notifications right on my wrist.

What I would really like to see are more apps and support for the Apple Watch. There are many different apps and games available, but I am hoping that the pace picks up to provide some new and unique tools for the watch. Until then, I will continue to use it as I have and also look forward to the upcoming watchOS update.”

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Web developer MK Safi:

“The worst thing about the Watch is that it’s sticky, especially with the Sport band. I would like it to be thinner, lighter, and not cause my wrist to sweat sometimes. But I got used to that. I like my Watch because I love getting silent notifications from it. I use it for notifications, Siri reminders and timers, to tell the weather, time and date. These things justify keeping it on my wrist. It also looks good as an accessory.”


WatchAware writer/podcaster Julia Mayhugh:

“My 38mm Stainless Steel Watch arrived on launch day and I’ve been wearing it daily ever since. I currently switch between the white rubber band my watch came with and a Milanese Loop band purchased recently.

I use the watch for so many things on a daily basis that it’s hard to summarize — everything from controlling my music, staying on schedule, staying in touch with my family and friends, staying on track with my health and fitness goals, cooking dinner, controlling my DVR and grocery shopping. At this point, the Watch is essential to me in the same way any modern convenience would, such as a car or a washing machine — it’s not strictly essential for life or happiness, but its loss would impact my overall productivity and, at least in the short term, increase stress levels.

The WatchOS 2 feature I’m most excited about is native apps. The current most annoying aspect of the Watch use is waiting for apps to load. It’s also, in my opinion, the biggest obstacle that currently limits the Watch’s potential for me. My second most anticipated feature is 3rd party complications. Both of those features will really expand my daily experience of the Watch.

Two of my favorite apps right now are Binaural, which I use to take cat naps during the day, and Workflow, which I still feel like I’m only beginning to explore. Workflow is one of those apps that has so much potential, being able to create custom functional Glances via the phone UI, that it really activates your imagination to the possibilities of what is possible with the Watch.

I live in Denver, and while, in general, Denver is pretty tech savvy, you don’t see very many Apple Watches out in public at all — not even since in-store availability has opened up. Maybe availability at Best Buy will soon affect that. I’m about to attend a local tech conference, and I’m curious whether the Watch saturation point will be any higher there. However long it takes for the Watch to become mainstream — I love it and believe in its long-term success.”


Managing Editor Bryan Wolfe:

“Basically, I love my apple watch because of the exercise options. As a writer, I sit a lot so this gets me moving. Although there aren’t a lot of third-party apps yet, I like some of them for their uniqueness, such as ETA, Lumy, and TimePage. I can’t wait for everyone to experience WatchOS 2, which adds more color to the complications.”

Did you get an Apple Watch? What are your thoughts after a few months?

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