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Here are the most-played artists on Beats 1

Here are the most-played artists on Beats 1

August 12, 2015

Apple’s Beats 1 champions new music (with Zane Lowe at the helm, it’d be impossible for the station not to be new music-oriented, at least partly). But the always-on radio station also plays a lot of music from artists we’re already familiar with. And thanks to a recent study, we now know exactly who the most-played artists on Apple Music’s Beats 1 are.

The news comes from Quartz, which published an article outlining the analysis of 12,445 songs played on Apple’s Beats 1 from “early July to early August.” The month of analysis revealed that The Weeknd, Drake, and Disclosure are the top three artists played on Beats 1.

Fetty Wap, Jamie xx, and A$AP Rocky take positions four, five, and six, respectively. The remainder of the list is included below.

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Interestingly, Quartz explained:

Beats 1 has something that is rare in the world of digital music: scarcity. Listeners can’t choose a song and play it over and over. (They can do that elsewhere on Apple Music.) But curation doesn’t mean songs aren’t repeated. We counted 12,445 tracks but only 3,371 unique songs, meaning each track was played an average of 3.7 times. Eighteen of the 20 songs in the table above were played over 50 times.

Quartz notes that Beats 1 is, as a result, “just edgy enough to not be called mainstream. Apple is like your friend who’s really into music but not the one who’s really crazy. The top tracks on Beats 1 tend to either pair relatively obscure artists with musical celebrity like Drake or Kanye West, or they are indie stars with increasing mainstream appeal, like The Weeknd or Jamie XX.”

Truthfully, I haven’t found myself listening to Beats 1 much at all. I feel bad that this is the case (after all, I should be broadening my taste in music, embracing unfamiliar tracks and new artists, right?). But at the end of the day, when I listen to music I want it to be tracks I already know, well, and can sing or hum along to.

How are you liking Beats 1?

Via: MacRumors

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