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InboxVudu is coming to a wrist near you

InboxVudu is coming to a wrist near you

Digital Communicator
August 11, 2015

InboxVudu, the “intelligent assistant” for Google Mail, is hoping to bring smart email management to your wrist. Because the service is today announcing the launch of its first application for Cupertino’s iOS devices and its Apple Watch.

Let’s start with the Apple Watch app. According to a press release that recently reached our inbox, InboxVudu’s application for the Apple Watch will, as you might expect, do three, main things. First, it’ll offer notifications for your “high priority” email. In this way, the app won’t overwhelm users with overly-frequent taps on the wrist. After all, nobody wants their Taptic Engine going into overdrive.

The Apple Watch app will also offer message summaries which are “condensed to a single sentence to fit on the Watch screen,” as well as support for quick replies. Common responses will be suggested for users to fire-off, and these will be based on the content of your incoming message. (Though, if these responses are anything like those offered by Apple’s Messages Watch app, we aren’t too excited. Here’s hoping dictation support makes an appearance, too.)

InboxVudu is also bringing its smart service to iOS devices, and according to the developer, this application’s feature set, too, is three-fold. It offers users:

  • Highlights and follow ups: Give users a quick view of their most pressing emails and reminders when they go unanswered.
  • Notifications: Distill email contents to display only the high-priority content of the message on lock screen or notifications tab.
  • Swipe functionality: Allows users to manage their list of high-priority emails (mark as done) or reply using the Apple Mail app.

As such, today’s release spells great news for all iOS device owners, even if they haven’t invested in one of Apple’s fancy, new Watches.

You can download InboxVudu for iOS now on the App Store, and it’s optimized for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch.