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Meet Square Appointments: your business's new receptionist

Meet Square Appointments: your business's new receptionist

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August 27, 2015

Square, the folks behind a range of smart iOS apps for businesses, are out with a brand new product which promises to make appointments easier than ever to keep and maintain.

Called Square Appointments, the service is now live and an iOS app (also called Square Appointments) can be downloaded for the iPhone and iPod touch. This is an app that’s designed for all businesses: even if you don’t process payments using the Square card reader and app, Square Appointments can still be enabled (and utilized) for your business. But what does the service offer?

Well, for starters, it allows your clients to make appointments with your business. In turn, you can approve or decline individual appointments using the Square Appointments iOS app (you’ll receive a notification when new appointments are made, and from here, you can green or red light the booking). Of course, you can manually create appointments yourself from the app, too.

The Square Appointments iOS application also allows business owners to access client profiles from their iPhone or iPod touch; as such, you can easily make a call to a client, or send a message or email. Finally, Square Appointments allows users to complete payments for appointments using the Square app.

Square Appointments.

Square Appointments.

One pilot tester for Square Appointments said:

With the Square Appointments app, it’s like my business is open 24/7. I love not having to log on to my computer to manage every appointment, and it’s great to see my calendar right on my phone. That saves me time, which also saves me money.

Who needs a receptionist with Square Appointments at-hand?

You can download the app now free of charge on the App Store; as mentioned, Square Appointments is optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch. For more information on the service, check out the product’s website.

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