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Nomad's Roadtrip is a 3,000 mAh battery designed for the car

Nomad's Roadtrip is a 3,000 mAh battery designed for the car

August 31, 2015

Nomad, the company behind a number of impressive accessories made for iOS (and watchOS) devices, has a brand new accessory available to preorder now. Called Roadtrip, the device is touted as “the first long lasting battery pack designed for your car,” and it’s available for the limited time price of $39.99.

So what is Roadtrip? Well, Nomad’s accessory looks like a cigarette lighter adapter. It sports a couple of ports, and users can obviously connect their Lightning cables in order to charge up an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch while on the road. But, however, that’s not all Roadtrip has to offer. Because besides featuring USB connectivity (more on this later), the accessory also includes an integrated 3,000 mAh battery.

(For reference, the iPhone 6 has a 1,818 mAh battery, meaning Roadtrip will be able to charge it up from zero to 100 percent, and still have energy to spare.)

As such, when you’re out of the car, Roadtrip can still be used as a portable charger for your iOS devices, providing a much-appreciated power boost even when the ignition is off.

Now, those ports. Besides a traditional USB port (that’s USB-A in the technical speak), Nomad’s Roadtrip also includes a USB-C port, such as the type used by Apple on the new, 12-inch MacBook. Nomad explains online, “Making a product future-proof is extremely important to us, because we want you to use it for months and years to come.” If there is a time when our iPhones are equipped with USB-C ports, rather than Lightning ports, Nomad’s Roadtrip will be ready.

Roadtrip's USB-C port.

Roadtrip’s USB-C port.

The Roadtrip is shipping to customers on Oct. 30, and its usual retail price is $59.99. However, for a limited time, through until Oct. 15, customers can pick up the accessory for the reduced price of $39.99 online, at Nomad’s website. Come Oct. 30, the product will be available at Best Buy, too.

For more information, including the option of preordering a Roadtrip of your own, head over to Nomad’s website.

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