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Rumored 'iPad Pro' to offer 2732x2048 resolution display

Rumored 'iPad Pro' to offer 2732x2048 resolution display

August 19, 2015

Apple’s long-rumored (and reportedly incoming) "iPad Pro" is expected to feature a screen with a resolution of 2732 by 2048 pixels, according to an analytics firm.

The firm, Appsee, claims to have identified the anticipated iPad Pro in its logs. Named using the identifier "iPad6,8," the larger tablet computer indeed has a reported resolution of 2732 by 2048, Appsee explains (via 9to5mac). The news comes not long after a further report claimed that the iPad Pro is expected to enter production by October, at the latest.

In a blog post, Appsee noted:

The long-rumored iPad Pro’s existence and size get another proof. As Appsee generates heatmaps and session recordings, we collect data on screen sizes.

Our logs show a new device, named “iPad6,8” with the size of… 2,048×2,732 pixels (1024×1366 points). This evidence is aligned with previous findings and based on several live apps – making it very concrete.

So it’s here, and it’s huge.

Huge, indeed. If you thought the iPhone 6 Plus was big, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

As 9to5mac explains, assuming that the iPad Pro will sport a 12.9-inch display (as most reports generally do), this would place the tablet’s PPI at an entirely reasonable 263 ("which is the same as the pixel-per-inch rating of current Retina iPads," the website adds). Before now, we’ve also heard that the iPad Pro could offer users a Force Touch-enabled stylus, in order to allow owners to more easily navigate the humongous display.

Perhaps we’ll hear more at Apple’s anticipated Sept. 9 event? Here’s hoping!

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