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Sprint makes upgrading easier with 'iPhone Forever' plan

Sprint makes upgrading easier with 'iPhone Forever' plan

August 17, 2015

Are you one of those people who wants to always have the most current iPhone, but you aren’t always eligible for an upgrade when the latest and greatest Apple handset is released? If you are, several cellular providers have begun catering to your “gotta have it” desires, and Sprint is the latest to join the fray.

Hot on the heels of T-Mobile offering an upgrade deal for customers who purchase an iPhone 6 during the summer of 2015, Sprint has announced its own iPhone upgrade program. Called “iPhone Forever,” the plan allows new or existing Sprint subscribers to lock in the ability to be eligible for an upgrade whenever a new iPhone is released.

How does it work?

To join the “iPhone Forever” plan, new or existing customers can bring in any smartphone and get a 16GB iPhone 6 at the regular lease pricing. The upgrade plan fee, normally $22 per month, will be discounted to $15 monthly if customers upgrade or join Sprint before Dec. 31.

How is Sprint’s offer unique?

Sprint advertises “iPhone Forever” as being “only from Sprint,” so how is their plan any different from what other carriers are already offering? The key difference is that the plan isn’t going away at the end of the year like T-Mobile’s offering is. The plan is also less expensive than other offerings, as you can see in the chart below.


My thoughts

It’s great that Sprint is recognizing the need for customers to have the latest model of the iPhone. I think, though, that if you’re leasing a device rather than buying it subsidized, you should be able to trade it in at any time for a renegotiated lease on a newly-released iPhone. If you’re interested in joining the “iPhone Forever” plan, you can get more information and sign up at Sprint’s website.

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