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T-Mobile adds Apple Music to its 'Un-carrier’ mix

T-Mobile adds Apple Music to its 'Un-carrier’ mix

July 28, 2015

T-Mobile has really made a splash with its “Un-carrier” promotions, and the Music Freedom feature is a big part of that. With this feature, customers have been able to stream music from dozens of services, like Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Rhapsody, and others, even on cellular, without incurring data costs or using up their monthly allowance. With CEO John Legere’s latest announcement, T-Mobile has added Apple Music to the mix.

Reportedly, Apple Music has already garnered more than 10 million trial members, so adding free cellular data for Cupertino’s streaming service is excellent news. Legere said the demand for including Apple Music with the feature was huge.

Apple Music has become the single most requested new addition to Music Freedom and counts for a full 80% of the requests coming in via Twitter. I heard every one of them, so it’s happening right now!

In another, even better, part of the announcement, Legere revealed that T-Mobile customers who purchase an iPhone 6 during the summer of 2015 will be able to swap it for the next generation device, as long as they upgrade before the end of the year. That means that people who have been holding on to their old phones and waiting for the next generation of iPhone don’t have to wait any longer.

T-Mobile has been making quite a few moves to differentiate itself from the competition. Some of these deals have included ignoring bad credit for loyal T-Mobile customers looking to finance new phones and doing away with contracts. Newer parts of T-Mobile’s Un-carrier initiative have given customers the promise of a stable monthly rate for two years or longer.

T-Mobile is becoming increasingly attractive to me as a cellular provider, but I’m on the fence about switching at this point. The ability to stream Apple Music without affecting my data plan is a huge draw, though, and I might be paying a visit to my local T-Mobile store fairly soon.

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