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Could Apple's next-generation TV look like this?

Could Apple's next-generation TV look like this?

Connected Theater
September 8, 2015

Concept designers Martin Hajek and Andrew Ambrosino have joined forces to imagine how, exactly, the next-generation, premium-priced Apple TV could look. And the results, as I’m sure you’ll agree, are indeed impressive.

The design Hajek and Ambrosino put forward depicts an Apple TV which takes cues from both the iPhone 6, and the current-generation Apple Watch. It offers an integrated Touch ID fingerprint sensor both on the device itself, and on a dedicated remove (which, we might add, turns over to reveal a set of game controls; something which, analysts envisage, are expected to ship with the incoming set-top box). And, as if all that wasn’t enough, different color schemes are available for the imagined Apple TV, too.

Take a look:

The new Apple TV's remote?

The new Apple TV’s remote?

Old versus new.

Old versus new.

Of course, Apple has yet to unveil a revamped Apple TV, though we are expecting a new TV product to come from Cupertino in the near future. However, whether it’ll be ready in time to preview at tomorrow’s iPhone-themed event remains to be seen.

If a new Apple TV is inbound, analysis has indicated that Apple could add a whopping 3.3 percent to its 2016 earnings through capturing a share of the gaming market.

For a closer look at the Apple TV design concept, stop by Martin Hajek’s website. Of course, we’ll keep you updated with further Apple TV-related news as we receive it.

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