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Feel the vibe? Vibe Tickets for iOS is coming soon and sounds great

Feel the vibe? Vibe Tickets for iOS is coming soon and sounds great

September 30, 2015

Get ready to feel those good vibes. Or, as we should rather say, #GoodVibes. Because Vibe Tickets, an in-development application for iOS and Android, promises to take the pain out of ticketing once it finally launches on our mobile devices.

Little, at the minute, is known about Vibe Tickets, save for a few details. First, the app is in beta, and is being tested by a private selection of iOS and Android users. It also promises to be “the most disruptive app to hit the ticketing space” once it finally does launch, and folks interested in learning more can register their interest at the app’s website.

At the same website, the philosophy behind Vibe Tickets is outlined. There, the app’s developer explains:

Tickets for events are becoming harder to get your hands on because people snap them up and then they appear on secondary ticketing sites for vastly inflated prices. #BadVibes. We believe there is a better way.

We believe buying and selling tickets is a social thing. Live event enthusiasts love meeting people with the same passion as them. We want to allow real fans get to the events they love and to meet their next new best friend.

It seems, then, that Vibe Tickets is going to offer iOS device owners a chance to buy and sell tickets to music concerts and other events using an iPhone (or iPad). Perhaps it’ll make purchasing tickets easier to do; if the app’s website is anything to go by, this is certainly a major concern of Vibe Tickets. That, and making the process of purchasing tickets fairer.

Vibe Tickets for iOS.

Vibe Tickets for iOS.

For now, we’ve got to wait before we see, and hear, more from the folks behind Vibe Tickets. Of course, we’ll let you know once the application is available to download on iOS.

In the meantime, call by Vibe Tickets’ website for further news.

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