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Meet Google's slimmer, sleeker third-gen Nest thermostat

Meet Google's slimmer, sleeker third-gen Nest thermostat

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September 1, 2015

Google has refreshed its smart, automated Nest Learning Thermostat, adding a new design, a sharper display, and a handful of useful features.

First among the changes made to Nest is its revamped design: now, Nest is much slimmer than the previous generation device, and clocks in at a mere 1.21-inches thick. Though I’m still not hugely in love with the design of Nest (there’s still, I don’t know, a certain hockey puck-ness about the thing), the changes are nevertheless an improvement.

Second, Nest now has a sharper screen, which will come as a much appreciated change to those of us used to Retina-grade iOS devices. The third-generation thermostat sports a display of 480 by 480 pixels, giving it an acceptable rating of 229 pixels per inch (PPI). However, behind hardware changes are a number of additional product features which make Nest 3.0 a much-improved home automation accessory.

These are Farsight, and Furnace Heads-Up. So, beginning with Farsight: this feature lets Nest activate its interface when owners walk into the room. Before now, users had to be far closer to Nest (some three feet) for the display to wake-up. The awakened display can be configured to show either the time or temperature.

Furnace Heads-Up, on the other hand, provide users of the thermostat with notifications when faults arise with their furnace, air filter, or both. If a problem is identified, a notification will be sent to the owner’s connected iOS device (or Android device). It’s worth noting, however, that Furnace Heads-Up will reach second- and even first-generation Nests in the near future.

You can purchase Nest from the thermostat’s dedicated website for $249. For more information, including the option of purchasing the product, click this link.

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