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Never write the same way again with the updated iA Writer

Never write the same way again with the updated iA Writer

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September 11, 2015

The iA Writer app has been a favorite of many writers, students, and business people for writing documents their mobile devices. Yesterday, Sept. 10, the handy writing app received a terrific update bringing useful features to a new version.

What’s new with iA Writer

With a nice update to the app, the following features have been added to library and preview sections:

  • Sorting in the library by date, extension, or alphabetically
  • The ability to pin folders to the top
  • Renaming of documents and folders with a swipe
  • Synced previews to where you are writing
  • Three different template previews
  • Swipe between the library, editor, and preview
  • Day and Night Modes work across the whole app
  • Export capability to Microsoft Word, HTML or PDF

iA Writer exportPlus a configurable keyboard

In addition, there are new features within the editor as well which include a customizable keyboard bar. By tapping and holding a button in the bar, you can pop open a list of other key options. Then to rearrange, just tap and hold one of them until they jiggle and drag to their new spot. You can add other keys as well by tapping one of the jiggling keys and choosing a new one from the list provided.

iA Writer keyboardThere is also handy statistics bar available now so that you can see the number of words and characters. This option is easily turned on and off on the View tab. You can also use the new find and replace option for easier editing of longer documents.

iA Writer replaceSuperb writing tool

The iA Wrter app is definitely a good writing tool. It has a very simple, clean interface so that you can concentrate on your words. The addition of the customizable keyboard is a great one and the rest of the enhancements just make the app even more useful.

The iA Writer app is universal and available for $9.99 on the App Store.

In other recent news, Apple’s Smart Keyboard won’t be the only option when the iPad Pro launches and Apple adds more voice training to Siri in iOS 9.

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